Sunday, May 25, 2008

Photos - WVQP Northern Region Second Training Session

Our Second training session was held at Church View Farm, Three Churches, WV on Saturday May24th. We again covered a wealth of information as well as worked in the apiary. It was just an outstanding day weather wise. Sunny and mid 60's, an Almost Heaven WV Day. The sweet locust bloom smell was in the air. Bees were also working the blackberry blossoms. Ruth captured some good photos of the locust bloom between our pond and the hive locations. We scouted the location for a mating nuc yard on the path down to the pond. A good sheltered location. I plan to build some work platforms to set mating nucs on. We even picked spinach after class. And Ruth captured a few rhododendron bloom pics. One minor disappointment was that we were had not received the Nicot System from Betterbee yet so we were not able to play with that and install it.
Hopefully it will arrive this week.

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