Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WVQP Northern Region Session Two Training

Session Two WV Queen Producer Training will be held on Saturday May24th beginning at 9:30 AM at Church View Farm near Romney, WV. Using Google Maps just search for Church View Farm and you'll see the map flag for the farm location. Just call 304-822-3878 if you get off track. Directions are from Route 50 about 3 miles East of Romney, turn onto Jersey Mountain Road. This turn is between the Liberty Station and the Exxon Station. Come approx 9 miles through Three Churches, WV. About 1 mile past Three Churches, turn right onto J R Rannells Road. Go 1/8 mile and turn right onto Peach Tree Farms Lane which is a gravel lane. Come to the back, we are the white farm house, gray barns, white outbuildings behind wood fence. At the front corner of the fence, you'll see Martin, 2027 which is our box #. At that point you'll likely hear barking which is our security system going off. You'll see a large black dog of questionable and highly suspect parentage. That is Daisy. If you smile and wave you've probably got a new friend. Her day pass price of admission is a pat on the head. The black and white border collie running in circles, yipping and jumping in the air is Zoey. A lovable border collie and tick magnet that won't herd sheep, but she may herd your vehicle to a stop. She means well. Welcome to the farm, hope you like your coffee strong.

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